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DayZ Episode 1 – New Strategies

With a few tips from a Steam friend, JoK3R_Her3 , I decided to embark on a new DayZ adventure, and with just a couple of hints and tips, it completely changed my usual experience of “Spawn, Zombie, Death”.

You will see me make some very noob mistakes, and in retrospect there are moments where I shouldn’t have run or made so much noise, but in general for the longest life I’ve ever had in DayZ, I think it went quite well.

After finding my position, I made a short term goal of finding a weapon and some basic supplies, and a medium/long term goal of getting to the airfield in the next town with the hope of finding a gun.

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts, suggestions and ideas, as well as any other hints and tips on anything I could have done different, and suggestions for where I might go next.

As you’ll see by the end of the game, I’m in pretty bad shape. Where should we go from here, leave your comments below.

GTA V new screenshots

During a Rockstar Q&A session, two new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V have surfaced.

Saying why there hasn’t been more news released, Rockstar replied “We just have not been in a position to show more of the game than the trailer and will not be for a while yet. We did, however, manage to sneak a quick screenshot out for you… it’s not much, but we thought it was pretty fun.”

DayZ Creator Dean Hall at the Rezzed Game Show

The creator of DayZ was at the Rezzed PC and Indie Games show in Brighton to talk about highly successful Mod for Arma II. He gave a quick run down of the game, with a brief look the future of it, then answered lots of audience questions. This is well worth a watch.

It’s made me install Arma II and give the mod another go since I had to give it up last month.

Just Cause 2 jc-mp multi player beta footage

This is footage from the first public Beta test of the Just Cause 2 Multi-player mod available at .

The mod is incredibly well refined already, I didn’t have any crashes or disconnection issues, even when Trix, one of the developers informed us that there were 400 people on the server at the same time.

This was a completely professional demonstration, other players movement is mostly smooth aside from small interaction issues such as you can’t see other people’s parachutes or grapple hooks at the moment.

I’m just blown away by how well this worked out of the box. The installation and running of the mod were very easy, and all I can say is it all just worked.

I even went through a couple of server restarts, and they were painless, about 20 seconds all in.

A big congratulations to the whole team from for what they’ve achieved with this mod.

Battlefield 3: Gun Master Close Quarters expansion, diving for cover at the right moment.

Sometimes you just have one of those moments in gaming which feels so cinematic. There’s a little tongue in cheek set up to this video, but it really felt like I did the right thing at just the right moment.

On Ziba Tower playing Gun Master, I was on one of the balconies overlooking the courtyard, as I turned to my left, gun fire came from across the courtyard and started smashing the windows and tearing the place apart. I dove for cover behind the wall, and let the Frostbite 2.0 engine do its thing in spectacular fashion around me.

I know that a headshot from 500m away, or a triple kill is more impressive, but I was just really happy to have caught this little snippet on video.

Has anyone else had any great moments since the new expansion came out? Let me know in the comments below.

Battlefield 3, Knife Kills

Various knife kills from footage I had. Love this game.

Driver San Francisco Multiplayer TAG game

Driver SF came out in 2011, but it was only recently when I was looking for a racing game to play with a friend that I looked at it again for it’s multiplayer.

There are so many multiplayer modes, and adding in Driver’s unique ability of car shifting, chases become more interesting.

Redfox inadvertently provided me with an intro while we were in the lobby. We’re going to try this with more people soon, if you’re interested, add me as a friend in Driver, my name is athan_immortal.

I’m also on Steam .

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer! It’s a reality!

I can’t quite believe it but it’s true. A team of modders seem to have added multiplayer to Just Cause 2! I’m excited, but that doesn’t even cover it.

One of my favorite games to play MP in is Grand Theft Auto 4, the free roam of Liberty City with your friends is such fun, and I always wished that the massive world of Just Cause 2 could be available in the same way.

The team over at have released a very tantalizing video, showing FIVE people all playing in the same game, doing everything from synchronised swimming, to car jumping, flying and skydiving.

It looks incredible, the physics seem smooth, I don’t see any laggy movement from the other players. There aren’t much details on the mod yet, so it’s unknown if this video shows internet or local area gameplay, or what other restrictions might be on the game.

I think everyone who has ever played Just Cause 2 just started high fiving each other.

For more updates the team are on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a place to fill in your e-mail for updates on their website and as if that wasn’t enough, they have an IRC channel (remember those?) #jc2-mp on .

Needless to say, Just Cause 2 multiplayer would be exactly what is about, and I’ll be making lots of videos when this comes out.

New Free Games and Beta sections

I’ve been working on some new content recently, and have made two new pages or sections for the site. Free games and You BETA sign up for this.

My hope is that people will check back to see updates to these pages, I’ve added a date at the top to allow people to easily see how up to date the list is. Recommendations are based on my own experience, so it’s a specific and considered list of games and opportunities for you to get involved in game testing.

Free Games:
This section is a refined list of free games that are available for you to play without opening your wallet. These are games that I have played and enjoyed. If anything is listed here, it’s because I’ve played it and think it’s worth your time to look, it’s not a huge list of every free game available on the web.

You BETA sign up for this:
This section lists opportunities to participate in BETA testing for games. These can be closed or open Betas, with varying levels of access. It gives you the chance to be part of the final phase of a games testing, and possibly provide feedback to developers while enjoying the game.

Hope you all enjoy the new sections.

Sniper Elite V2: Door Bug

While playing through Sniper Elite V2, I came across this little bug. It’s a mission where you have to first destroy a tank guarding the Russian outpost, then kill the guards. For some reason I’d managed to trigger the guards, but the door to the place didn’t open till I’d killed them all, leading to this kind of weird bug where they were trying to run through the door.

Still it made for some easy kills, and a pile of bodies after.

There’s not been much option for stealth so far in the game which has kind of disappointed me, but other than that, kills are fun, and even the multi-player is good.